Weathered Finish Railroad Lantern Double Sided Metal Clock

Create an instantly well-dressed mantle and a vintage style focal point when you place this railroad lantern clock above the fireplace. It will add both a rustic and a nostalgic touch to your room and your home with its wonderfully weathered finish and old-style design. Made from metal, it features a double-sided clock, so you can see what time it is when you come, and when you go with its bold, easy to read numbers, and the ornate decorative hands dress it up a bit, and it reads `Paddington Station, 1854 London` in the center, and each side runs on quartz movement and each requires 1 AA battery to run (not included). It easily opens via a metal tab on the side to easily change out the batteries. It measures 15 inches high (38 cm), 9.5 inches long (24 cm), and has a 6 inch diameter (15 cm) base. It can even be hung from the handle for a unique hanging clock display that would look great in an enclosed porch, garage or covered patio. Wherever you choose to display this amazing clock, it`s certain to be admired by all, and would make a great gift for any railroad and industrial buffs in your life.

Product Features

  • 15 in. High, 9.5 in. Long, 6 in. Diameter Base
  • Made From Metal
  • Bold Easy to Read Clock w/Decorative Hands
  • Double Sided Clock is Visible From Either Side
  • Each Side Uses 1 AA Battery to Run (not included

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