Crestview CVAER298 Compton Desk Lamp

The Compton Desk Lamp by Crestview Lighting is a cast iron table lamp in an Antique Bronze finish. It measures 20.5 Inch tall. The Crestview Collections selection of Lamps, Mantel Mirrors, Wall Clocks, Pictures and other decorating items will give your home or office a designer touch.

Product Features

  • Antique bronze finish
  • Made of cast iron
  • 20.5 inch lamp height

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One thought on “Crestview CVAER298 Compton Desk Lamp

  1. I felt that this was a very attractive and interesting interpretation of a “Pharmacy Lamp” and was impressed with it when I received it; although it was somewhat heavy due to the cast iron base. Unfortunately, the one that I received had the paint peeling off the base which is a painted “faux” bronze finish. I would never had known that it was painted on if it had not had the defect. The rest of the lamp appeared to have a more durable finish ( I don’t know if it’s painted…

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