Deco 79 Metal Wall 2-Side Clock, 15 by 20-Inch

20″ old world charm rustic wrought iron 2-sided “clock company” extended wall clock, distressed cherry wood brown wrought iron ring and scrollwork with bud finial mounted to vertical iron wall band with fleur de Lis tips, distressed cherry wood brown iron round clock frame suspended from iron bar, double-sided 1 a battery-operated clocks with faded and cracked-finish white clock faces, faded black roman numerals and “clock company” script typography, black minute and hour and second hands.

Product Features

  • Color: cherry wood brown, white, faded black, black
  • Finish: textured iron, glass
  • Material: iron, glass

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3 thoughts on “Deco 79 Metal Wall 2-Side Clock, 15 by 20-Inch

  1. very rude customer service representative this clock was purchased 9 months ago. when we received it everything was working fine and we were excited about this item. within a few months one side of the clock started slowing down and eventually stopped working. we kept changing batteries but each time that side of the clock stopped working within a few days. 8 months later it works for about 1 day with new set of batteries.I contacted the seller, Home Trends, the customer service rep, Warren, was extremely rude in the emails,…

  2. Very poor product The performance of this clock was exactly as the first reviewer. A single side slowed down considerably after a few weeks while the other side performed fine.Also very problematic for this clock is that it has zero weatherproofing.In order to use it outside, I sealed the clock using a bathroom sealer on the outside seam, however, due to the design of the clock it was impossible to seal well near the very top and a recent rain has water-stained the inside face (paper, of…

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