Benzara The Rustic Metal Floor Clock

Perhaps the most unique floor clock you will see. Yes, this is the metal floor clock that hardly has a match. In a most beautiful distressed white, this flood clock has a face that is rectangular in shape. With a white dial that has big and bright numbers, this floor clock will surprise you with its unique looks. Attached to a stand, it is more than five feet above the ground. Thus ensures that all can see it, and it can also be easily moved. But this floor clock isn’t just lovely. It has been made from quality materials; and this ensures that it will stand the test of time. Very easy to read time from; it will be perfect for homes that want to create an effect of the past. Those who see it certainly will be impressed. The metal floor clock is a unique creation.

Product Features

  • Metal floor clock dimensions: 14 inches (w) x 11 inches (d) x 67 inches (h)
  • Floor clock color: distressed white
  • Made from: metal

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