Hippih Silent Wall Clock Wood 8-inches Non Ticking Digital(white)


Size: 8.2″Dia x 1.97″Deep

Weight: 0.83lbs

Display Type: Atomic with Numbers

Material: Aluminum and Glass

Power Source: 1 x AA (Included)

Design: Contemporary Industrial

Movement: OSTAR Quartz Movement

Gift: 1 x Hook

why to Buy:

1.Weather-resistant case makes it tough enough for indoor use.

2.Large numerals against the face make it easy to view.

3.This precedent wall clock makes an attractive time piece in any room of the home or office

Package Included:

1 Piece of Wall Clock (Battery Included)

1 Hook

Note: The Real Item’s Color which you receive may varies from the listing picture because of different Camera lens, and different light environment.

Product Features

  • Classic wood frame with White dial face dresses up any room
  • Wood Frame is natural, classic and elegant.
  • Large numbers and front glass cover guarantee good view.
  • Powered by one AA battery (included). Please use average carbon battery, in stead of high duty batteries.
  • Super-quality Quartz Sweep Movement guarantees accurate time and absolutely silent environment; Average battery can last about 6 months.

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2 thoughts on “Hippih Silent Wall Clock Wood 8-inches Non Ticking Digital(white)

  1. A Good Time It’s a little smaller than i thought it would be, but that’s because it’s an eight inch clock, not ten. For some applications, an eight inch clock is perfectly sized. The clock is powered by one AA battery that is included in the box. This is an elegant clock made of quality materials and as silent as the grave. Watching the second hand circulate the clock’s face, one is struck by the utter quiet and smoothness of the hand.Against an ivory background the black hands are easily read from…

  2. Totally Silent – And Totally No Fiberboard! A video look at the wood (real wood, albeit pressure multi-ply.. but not fiberwood or such!), the backing (heavy duty plastic instead of the frankly expected flimsy shell), and a added bit at the end with this hanging by my computer station. In spite of the clock face being deeply inset, I find seeing the time from my steep viewing angle, from where I normally sit, still quiet easy, even in the typically dim lighting I have at that desk…

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