Youngerbaby Creative Owl Traditional Plastic Wall Clock with Pendulum Grey

With its owl style, the Youngerbaby Wall Clock is the perfect addition to your home,kitchen or office.
Built with a owl clock with a owl pattern, this square wall clock has a traditional homey feel. Framed by a durable plastic,
the colorful clock face is beautiful for your house, with colorful hands, colorful numerals hour markers
— as well as a quietly sweeping gold-tone second hand. It need two AA battery (sold separately).

The pendulum is locked down for shipping to protect it. You have to pull it away from the body of the clock to free it.

Product Features

  • Main Material:High Quality Plastic; Color: Grey
  • Super-quality Quartz Sweep Movement Guarantees Accurate Time;
  • Powered By 2X AA Battery (Not Included). Two Battery for About 6 Months;
  • Size: Length 13 inch; Height 8.2 inch; Depth 2 inch;
  • Features: Owl Wagging Pendulum Tail and Eyes,Owl’s tail swings left and right

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3 thoughts on “Youngerbaby Creative Owl Traditional Plastic Wall Clock with Pendulum Grey

  1. Hoot of a Clock It’s a whimsical, playful clock with moving eyes and a rocking tail that stands about twelve inches tall. Out of the box the minute hand was lose but wasn’t hard to snap back on. The tail was packaged separately and securely; it attached to a plastic pendulum. Two AA batteries are installed in the back of the clock where you’ll find the small dial to set the time. To adjust the time initially I also just moved the hands manually from the front…

  2. I am so happy that I was afforded the opportunity to review Youngerbaby’s Creative Owl Traditional Plastic Wall Clock with Pendulum Green, in exchange for an unbiased and honest review. This product arrives as shown. In your package you will get 1 owl clock, and 1 tail feather pendulum. The pendulum just press on to the back side of the clock. No tools are required. This clock also requires 2 AA batteries to operate. They are not included.This…

  3. This owl wall clock is rather animated with the tail & eyes being on the pendulum. The clock takes one AA battery & the pendulum takes another AA battery.When it arrives all you need to do is attach the tail & put the batteries in, then hang it up.It is silent & we got the red & think it cute.I did have a issue with the hour hand when it came, it wanted to hang loose & not be tight or set. I kept messing with it & though I will be careful with it it seems fine nowIt is…

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