Rustic Bare Pallet Wood Wall Clock, reclaimed pallet wood, mother’s day gift, repurposed wood, woodworking, beach clock, country home decor

Keep time in style! Diameter- 10 1/2 inches Here is a one of a kind, hand crafted clock made out of recycled pallet wood. The clock features hand painted numbers atop bare, exposed wood to give a vintage and rustic touch to any home! The wood was sanded and coated in polyurethane for a smooth and durable finish. The numbers are featured in black to add beauty to each clock and so the time can be easily read. It is powered by quartz time movement requiring one AA battery (included) and makes no noticeable ticking noise. Hour and minute clock hands are featured in black. Ready to hang. I reclaim the wood I use for this item so you can expect that each clock is a unique and original work of art. This item would make a great gift for any occasion such as a housewarming party, birthday party, wedding, etc or as a gift to yourself! Custom orders are available for various colors and/or styles- please message shop owner

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