Hippih Silent Non-ticking Wall Clock- Metal Frame Glass Cover, 12 inches

Product Size:12″Dia x 2″Deep
Net Weight:1.28lbs
Display Type:Atomic with Point
Material:metal frame, plastic mechanism housing, Aluminum clock hands and Glass cover
Power Source:1 x AA battery (Included)
Movement:OSTAR Quartz Movement
Package Included:
1 Piece of Wall Clock (Battery Included)
1 Hook
why to Buy?
Hippih 12-inch metal wall clock is a simple design clock suitable for any room decoration. Perfect size which is only 12 inches. High-quality Quartz Sweep Movement guarantees accurate time and absolutely silent environment. Hippih is you best choice.
1. Large points and clear glass lens guarantee good view, even from side.
2. Strict production process control and quality materials make our clock tough enough for indoor use.
Who is Hippih?
Fuzhou Hippih Technology Co., Ltd is a diversified export-oriented enterprises who specialize in researching, designing, manufacturing and marketing Household, Kitchen, Pet, Personal care, and Intelligent electronic products. Through our constant efforts, Hippih now is becoming one of the leading company in the field. What Hippih do for you?
1. Durable package guarantees our clock in a good condition during shipment.
2. Strict pre-shipping inspection for every clock before shipping.
3. Quality assurance. We promise to replace defective product for you within 3 months.

Product Features

  • Large numbers guarantee good view.
  • Super-quality Quartz Sweep Movement guarantees accurate time and absolutely silent environment; Average battery can last more than 1 year.
  • Powered by one AA battery (included). Please use average carbon battery, instead of high duty batteries.
  • Back nail slot offers easy installation.
  • Thermometer and hygrometer: clock face design with a thermometer and hygrometer.

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3 thoughts on “Hippih Silent Non-ticking Wall Clock- Metal Frame Glass Cover, 12 inches

  1. A nice clock with a few “sharp edges” at the start What I liked: – The large, easy-to-read face. – It really is silent. Most of the inexpensive, battery-powered movements I’ve seen (and have) tick quite loudly. – The temperature and humidity readings are accurate.What I didn’t like so much – The thermometer has the bolder markings in Celcius. Farenhight is relegated to a smaller font on the inside of the dial. – The clock came packed surrounded by white foam blocks. At…

  2. I like the looks of this clock. The rim of it is a brushed silver metal. The numbers are about 7/8″ tall in black against a white background so they are easy to see. The hands are large and black and there’s a sweep second hand.The thermometer and hygrometer (to measure humidity) are much smaller. You have to walk right up to the clock to be able to read them. The clock face is 10 1/4″ in diameter. The entire clock is 12″ in diameter. The thermometer is approximately 2…

  3. I like the simple but manly look of this clock. The second hand is smooth vs a tick every second which I enjoy on some clocks. The two extra dials are temperature and humidity. The face is one sheet of very thin cardboard. It bubbles in some areas including around the temperature. I had to bend the temperature hand a bit to make sure it didn’t rub. I also had to bend the second hand a bit as it was bent too far out. Takes one AA battery included. Comes with a star type hanger (four pins are…

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