Unscented Beard Oil Elixir & Comb Gift Set for Professional Men-Facial Hair Softener, Moisturizer & Conditioner-Enriched with Antioxidants with All Natural, Organic Ingredients (30ml)

Are you proud of your beard, but concerned that it’s not professional enough? Is it looking a bit unruly? Has it got to the point where you are constantly scratching your beard and your skin keeps drying out? Have you gone in for that kiss and heard, “Ouch you scratched me”? You decided, committed, and succeeded and we want you to feel confident. We’re proud of you, but you really need to try our beard oil

Hombre Body Beard Oil will transform your unkempt and difficult to manage beard to a smooth, mature, and sculpted look.

Stop scratching your face and eliminate that annoying itchiness and beard-druff by allowing our fragrance free, natural oils to hydrate your beard, moisturize your skin, and keep your manly scent.

As your beard continues to grow Hombre Body’s beard oil will strengthen the hairs for longevity creating a resilient and powerful beard.

Use your included Peach Tree Wood Beard Comb to maintain and shape your beard and mustache throughout the day.

Simple, All Natural Ingredients. No additives. No Preservatives. No Alcohol

Jojoba Oil is an emollient that closely resembles Sebum, your face’s natural healing oil. Jojoba supports skin health by preventing irritation from penetrating deeper into your skin

Chamomile Oil prevents acne and eczema, it’s an anti-inflammatory and eliminates redness

Aloe Vera Oil provides sun protection, speeds wound recovery, and kills bacteria

Vitamin E Oil is both a nutrient and antioxidant. It neutralizes free radicals, which damage cells and contribute to cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Don’t Have a Beard? Premium Gift for any handsome bearded man

100% Hassle Free Money Back Guarantee If you are not completely satisfied simply return for a full refund.

Product Features

  • UNIQUE BEARD CARE package for professional men includes hand made wooden comb & 30ml beard oil packaged in premium box. Treat yourself to excellence or give as a gift to a bearded friend
  • CONDITIONS, SOFTENS & SHINES beards maintaining a professional look throughout the day
  • FORTIFIED with ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: Jojoba Oil, Chamomile Oil, Aloe Vera, and Vitamin E Oil. Unlike other products, our beard oil contains No Alcohol and won’t dry out your skin
  • REPLENISHES natural oils washed away from cleansing, fortified with nutrients preventing dandruff flakes and itching
  • 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE return for full refund if you’re not satisfied. STORED in dark amber glass bottle prolonging oil’s therapeutic properties and preventing deterioration

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3 thoughts on “Unscented Beard Oil Elixir & Comb Gift Set for Professional Men-Facial Hair Softener, Moisturizer & Conditioner-Enriched with Antioxidants with All Natural, Organic Ingredients (30ml)

  1. Quality, well-priced product. Would recommend! A very nice, quality product. I ordered this for my husband – he normally never puts anything on his beard/combs it, but I wanted him to try this out The comb is solid – sandalwood, we think – with a nice smell. The packaging and bottle are both nice as well, and you get a good amount for the price.He used the oil and it did a nice job of smoothing out his beard. It was so clean-looking I asked if he had just trimmed it, but he had just used the oil. He said it worked nicely and…

  2. Smells and feels fantastic This stuff is gold. Smells and feels amazing, and was everything I was looking for to get my facial hair in line. It’s made from all natural ingredients and unlike other products that I’ve tried has no alcohol so does not irritate my face. The wooden comb is a nice touch, well-made from a nice smelling wood and is a great size to keep in my work bag. I was also pleasantly surprised by the packaging, unlike other products that I’ve ordered off of Amazon the product arrived in a high quality and…

  3. Fall in love with your beard by buying this product! I bought this product for my nephew… this was his response to me about the product… “For the past 2 years, I have had a beard that I like, but didn’t love. This product has helped me fall in love with my beard. I was using another product that will remain nameless… it made me smell like I was attacked by a citrus tree, and left oily residue on my nice shirts and all over my hands. Every meeting I would go too… I was the creepy guy who…

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