Gift Garden Ukulele Musical Clocks Figurines with Notes Swing Hanging

Why Choose the polyresin as the wall clocks material?

Polyresin is a resin compound generally used for clocks, statues, frames, figurines, bobble heads and decorative furniture. It is a sturdy material that can be intricately molded, allowing a great level of detail with consistent texture. It is a new and trendy for home decor item materials, especially for the wall clocks.

Additives can be incorporated into the compound to enhance the decorative wall clocks strength, reduce its weight, add heat stability, decorative effects, and so on. Our polyresin music clocks is also compatible with a large range of different finishes, including paint and metallic finishes.

Why Choose the wall clocks from us?

We are professional manufacturer with many years resin craft experience. We have our own factory which providing a large number of polyresin craft products for customers in many countries. The guitar wall clock is a new and unique products for our factory. You will found that our clocks products are reliable and in excellent made. At last, wish you will have a happy shopping experience.

Product Features

  • The ukulele clock is quartz movement for precise accuracy, and the music clocks runs on 1 AA battery(not included). The total height of this guitar musical clock is about 16.3 inch.
  • Modern hand painted color wall clock with solid and cool design, the decorative wall clock is made with the detailed hollow-body guitar instrument shaped.
  • The guitar wall clock is a wonder gift for music teacher, music students, guitarist and any music love, also perfect holiday gifts, such as Mother¡¯s Day gift, Father¡¯s Day gift, Wedding gift and Christmas gift.
  • Excellent hand painted polyresin craft musical wall clock, every our polyresin wall clock will need a series of manufacturing processes to make sure the clock in high quality.
  • The musical wall clocks is especially perfect for studio, broadcasting studio and music lover¡¯s home decoration.

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2 thoughts on “Gift Garden Ukulele Musical Clocks Figurines with Notes Swing Hanging

  1. Holy schnikes! I *LOVE* this clock! I ordered this clock because I thought it looked cool and because it was inexpensive ($33.60, although shipping added another $16). I had a few reservations because nobody had reviewed it before, the seller is located overseas, and — quite frankly — the description did not seem to be written in grammatical English. You should have no worries! Bottom line: the clock arrived quickly (about a week), was well-protected in styrofoam (albeit, the obnoxious kind; the kind that easily breaks into…

  2. I found this one-it really didnt have many reviews but I loved the look of it-its unique-so I got it Im one of those people that has always been ok with cheap, plastic dollar store clocks. For the most part they are accurate. My husband told me that Im not allowed to buy things from the dollar store anymore since the last clock (he has thrown it away hence why I needed new one. lol) made him over an hour late (I said they were accurate for most part!). So I decided to come on Amazon and search one out. I found this one-it really didnt have many…

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