Gorgeous Jewelry Owl Pattern Green Geometry Pendant Diy Crystal Bracelets of Pandora Jewellery

Gorgeous Jewelry shop close to remind you about the maintenance of the jewelry: 1. In sports or do heavy work, not to wear jewelry,In order to avoid collision caused not remedy loss.even in daily wear, should also be careful to avoid wear and all of a sudden blow, or it will damage to even the most difficult to wear jewels. 2. When depositing jewelry, jewelry in boxes or soft cloth, will make it not contact each other from the other jewelry. most gem is harder than gold, silver or platinum, if not placed separately, may scratch the surface of the other jewelry. 3. Wear jewelry, should pay attention to check once a month, if you have set loose phenomenon, should be timely repair. 4. After the wash and dress and makeup wear jewelry, it can avoid hair spray or cosmetic damage jewelry, to maintain its colour and lustre. 5.Jewelry stained the human body secretes grease and sweat, will lose its luster.therefore, if often wear, should be cleaned once a month. 6.Professional care: normal wear and pulling will eventually make jewellery claw and other metal parts soft. therefore, every six months to the jewelry store, please professional check your jewelry is a good way. if necessary, professionals can fix claws and ring, necklace handle buckles, and the ring of plastic deformation. professional processing your jewelry, can also put your jewelry in the specialized clean, if the gems in daily wear damage, can also according to your requirements polishing gems again.

Product Features

  • 18K plated DIY bracelet,Material: copper chain, crystal beads, alloy beads. Chain of product size: 20 cm£¨7.87¡±£© long
  • Pandora charm bracelet, the wedding gift, birthday gift, daily dress, party, office gift
  • Silver-plated Snake Chain Bracelet with Clasp
  • Handmade brilliant shine and beauty Wrap bracelet
  • Beautiful and elegant design, this fashion jewelry is perfect for daily wear, also an ideal gift for your lover, girlfriend, fiancee, wife, mother, Valentine or just a friend,etc. Great gifts on wedding, anniversary day, Valentine’s Day , Mother

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