AccMart Baby Night Light Desk Table Lamp USB Charging Gravity Sensor Decorate Anywhere

Accmart Creative desk lamp or night light for your home decor

• G-sensor technology
• Low power consumption
• 12 LED chips as light source
• Built-in 450mAh lithium battery

• Material: ABS and HIPS
• Dimensions: 190mm x 79mm x 96mm
• Weight: 200g
• Input voltage: DC5V-500mA
• Light color: White

• Do not attempt to disassemble, repair or refit the product. 
• Do not leave lamp wet or use the lamp with wet hands. 
• If an exception occurs, discontinue use. 
• Product has a ball switch inside, please allow abnormal sound when use.

Product Features

  • ✔ G-SENSOR TECHNOLOGY – Creative Switch is easily turn on /off, turn the “ON” direction or the “OFF” direction to controls the lights
  • ✔ LIGHTWEIGHT & COMPACT – Made of high quality HIPS and ABS, four rounded corners ensure the stability
  • ✔ BRIGHTNESS ADJUSTMENT – There is one switch on the botton of this night light to adjust high light, soft light and shutdown
  • ✔ DESIGHNED WITH 12 LED CHIPS – Low power consumption, long lasting, environmentally-friendly
  • ✔ BUILT-IN LITHIUM BATTERY – Connected to computer or via USB adapter to charge. After 2 hours fully charged, it can keep working for 4 hours in high light mode. Lamp will breathe twice when entering the charging status.

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3 thoughts on “AccMart Baby Night Light Desk Table Lamp USB Charging Gravity Sensor Decorate Anywhere

  1. On and Off night lamp… About this AccMart ON-OFF Night Light Portable Table Lamp USB Charging with Gravity Sensor…I gave 5 star for this as this one amazed me… lolWho could imagine that this kinda big switch thingy is considered a big night lamp?Nice structure…. One thing about i like the most for this one is the sizes.Big enough to brighten our bedroom.And not that only rocks me about this product… Its working like a big…

  2. This is a really great nightlight! This is a really great nightlight or desk lamp by AccMart. My son was really excited when I gave it to him. You simply rock or toggle the lamp itself to the “On” or “OFF” position and it will turn on or off. You can set it to dim or bright light depending on your needs or preference. The light is also rechargeable so no need for batteries which is a huge plus. It’s the perfect size for a nightstand or anywhere else you…

  3. USB Lamp Well, the sensors are backwards, I think. When I rock the lamp to the, “Off” position, it turns on. When I rock it to the, “On,” position it turns off. It’s not problematic. Just interesting to note.It does provide illumination. Simply plug it into a USB port, let it charge up and there you go. You can also just leave it plugged in to the port, if you wish.Otherwise, this is simple to use and don’t take up a boat load of space. Nice. Simple…

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