Foxtop 18 Inch Antique – Look Large European Style Creative Living Room Artistic Hanging Wall Clock Vintage Roman Numeral Design Super Silent Metal , Whisper Quiet, Non-ticking, Bigger

Foxtop 18 inch round oversized classic clock tells the time in elegant style. With its antiqued brown case, flat glass lens and parchment-look dial, this clock is as timeless as they come

Application areas: living room, bedroom, den, office, kitchen, bathroom, public places

Movement: Quartz

Display Type: pointer + digital

Style: Antique

Color: Vintage

Specifications: 45.6 * 45.6 * 3 cm/18”*18”*1.2”

Much bigger than your imagination

Classic retro, high-temperature paint, refined and elegant, mellow fragrant bezel, tentacles place, elegant moist, bring you endless source of fascination.

This is not just a wall clock, it is more like a high-end art. Not only use the timer function, but also a decorative artists, people indulge in the romantic melody.

Will love to see a wall clock, retro body that is the mark of time, recorded numerous happy moments, both elegant European-style model also has a rustic rural feel.

Do not use high-performance batteries and rechargeable batteries, please use the general carbon batteries provide power for the clock.

Product Features

  • 1.Original mute scanning movement, low power consumption, long life of more than 20 years
  • 2.High-grade environmentally friendly materials, fine dust does not distort
  • 3.HD ultimate clock face, creative retro art design, digital high-definition, the more vitality jump
  • 4.High-quality glass surface, anti-reflective, moisture and dust, excellent sealability
  • 5.Quiet life, quality assurance. Our wall clock mute effect than you think we should pay attention

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