Foxtop Modern Creative Round 10-inch Non Ticking Silent Wall Clock,Kids Rainbow Color Clock – Black

The Kids Color Clock is a fun and easy way to help kids learn about time and time management. Each color is designed to represent either 5 minute intervals or 1 hour intervals, based off of the minute hand (5 minutes) or hour hand (1 hour). No matter what time of day, you can time activities off of the color of the clock. Example: If timing off of the hour hand, you can designate 1 color (1 hour) for playtime, 1 color for chores, 1 color for studying or whatever activity you want. Reading for 30 minutes? No problem, the minute hand only needs to pass 6 colors. Need 10 minutes of quiet time? The minute hand only needs to pass 2 colors. The options are endless with the Kids Color Clock! This 10 inch diameter clock can be easily seen from anywhere in the room. Great for homes, classrooms and pre-schools. Both parents and educators agree that by using the Kids Color Clock, kids have a better understanding of time. While studying time can often be a complicated process for children, the Kids Color Clock helps them catch on fast! Home: Parents often wish they had an easier way to help schedule their child’s daily routines. Playing a game with the Kids Color Clock will turn daily tasks into activities your kids will look forward to! School Classroom: Teachers often stick to structure in the classroom out of necessity. Centering your class’ daily schedule around the Kids Color Clock will make staying ‘on time’ feel natural and rhythmic! Daycare/pre-school: Caretakers often look for ways to ensure that their kids get the appropriate amount of meal, play, and nap times. Centering your kids’ day around the Kids Color Clock lets them help participate proactively in their day full of activities! Daytime Activities:Get creative with your child’s daily calendar, and involve them in the practice of figuring out how much time needs to be spent on each activity.

Product Features

  • Flat glass front covers clock face to protect from dust,debris and easy-reading
  • Stylish look with black frame & hands pointer and colorful dial plate
  • Non-ticking and smooth sweeping movement of clock hands
  • Fun and Easy way to teach kids about time
  • Requires 1 AA carbon battery (NOT included)

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