Howard Miller 625-275 Allentown Wall Clock

The Allentown Wall Clock by Howard Miller features the interesting character of a rusted, antique timepiece is evident in this 21-1/2-inch molded polyresin wall clock.

Product Features

  • Aged hour and minute hands
  • 21-1/2-inch diameter
  • Quartz, battery-operated movement

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3 thoughts on “Howard Miller 625-275 Allentown Wall Clock

  1. Poor Hanging Method I received the clock on the day it was promised. The clock was wrapped in a plastic bag and fitted inside two halves of styrofoam for protection. Then the styrofoam was slipped inside a cardboard box. The clock appears to be made mostly of a cast resin that is covered with a rusty cast iron finish. Many places around the edge of the clock had the finish rubbed off and the bare white resin was exposed. Since I didn’t have any rust colored paint I used a black marker to cover the spots. It…

  2. Very Disappointed My wife and I received this clock as a wedding gift. Upon taking it out of the box (box was not damaged)we instantly noticed several issues with the product. First was that the minute hand was twisted up and turned at a 90 degree angle. This was fairly easy to fix since the minute hand is made from extremely flimsy material and easily bent. The other obvious issue was that the paint on the clock was chipped off in several locations all around the clock so there are white marks all over the…

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