Doggy Door Stopper with Handle

This charming little terrier will hold the door open for you whenever you like, and the tall decorative handle makes him a cinch to move. This cast iron door stop will delight you with both his cuteness and functionality.

Product Features

  • 8.5 x 3.375 x 19

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3 thoughts on “Doggy Door Stopper with Handle

  1. Keeps my door open I always open my front & back doors in the evening to air out the house. Problem was, my front door would be pushed closed by the air & wind coming through from the back door. The solution turned out to be the Doggy Door Stopper with Handle by Tom & Co.Every evening, I can open the door, grab the handle and put my doggy doorstop in place. It works perfectly – it keeps my door open even when we get heavy winds blowing from the back door.This product was provided…

  2. Defective product I didn’t realize that the door stop was over 8 pounds in weight, but I can definitely understand why! It is one strong and sturdy door stopper! It holds the doors open in the house just fine, especially when I’m in the middle of moving things from room to room! I didn’t have any issues with our door stopper whatsoever. It’s fashionable and cute, and fits in with our decor in our household! I received the door stopper for a reduced price for my unbiased and honest review. The opinions expressed…

  3. I was so excited to receive this item, I thought this was the cutest thing when I ordered it. However, the package arrived defective :-(. The handle is completely separated from the dog. It’s iron and I have no idea how that’s even possible! I don’t know if the product was defective before it was shipped or detached during shipment..sigh… the handle seemed to be made of some hollow metal handle welded to the dog. Not sure if a non-hollow handle would have made a difference.I…

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