OLDTOWN Farmhouse Metal & Solid Wood Whisper Quiet Ticking Wall Clock (Wood, 30-inch)

Only clocks sold by Oldtown NW is genuine Oldtown Clocks brand with brand name at back of clock and has lifetime warranty and support on clock movement. **

This high quality silent completely noiseless quartz clock is made of solid natural wood with rustic dark bronze metal frame. It is a great décor solution for anyone who appreciates an rustic look and feel. No assembly required – hands fully assembled. material: metal, solid wood spruce.clock dimensions: 30″D x 1″H box size: 31″L x 31″W x 2″T clock weight: 14.1 lbs.

Product Features

  • Rustic metal frame; Natural solid wood spruce – Due to crafted nature of this product, actual color may vary slightly due to natural wood grain variations : no two clocks will be identical. This clock is also perfect for DIYers or hobbyist : the wood can be disassembled to re-sand and re-stained to your preference color!
  • due to large clock size 30″ with larger hands, we cannot use 100% noiseless move, but it’s whisper quiet ticking – hardly hear any ticking noise from about 6ft at night
  • AA battery required (not included)
  • High quality quartz movement –> Lifetime Warranty
  • Clock diameter: 30-inches (76cm) x 1-inch thick

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3 thoughts on “OLDTOWN Farmhouse Metal & Solid Wood Whisper Quiet Ticking Wall Clock (Wood, 30-inch)

  1. Excellent Statement Piece This clock is perfectly described by the seller. I bought the 24 inch version to go above my mini bar and it is a statement piece. The price seems a little steep until you get you hands on it to see the craftsmen ship. The 24 inch version has a little darker wood color which I was going for. Don’t pay no mind to the mess in the pictures as I was just moving in and had to hang the clock ASAP.Clock makes no noise and it’s keeping accurate time. Clock isn’t that heavy so I even did the…

  2. Nice clock This is a really cool clock! It is sturdy but not too heavy to hang either. The stain definitely looks lighter in photos than in real life. Stain has some deep reds in it. Also maybe I missed it but the metal has a very weathered look to it with white spots all over it. I know the weathered is in but this would be much cooler with the black contrast. I’m going to attempt to pull the metal off, darken the metal, sand the wood and restrain it brown. The clock was a good buy and I think is…

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