OLDTOWN Farmhouse Metal & Solid Wood Whisper Quiet Ticking Wall Clock (Wood, 30-inch)

Only clocks sold by Oldtown NW is genuine Oldtown Clocks brand with brand name at back of clock and has lifetime warranty and support on clock movement. **

This high quality silent completely noiseless quartz clock is made of solid natural wood with rustic dark bronze metal frame. It is a great décor solution for anyone who appreciates an rustic look and feel. No assembly required – hands fully assembled. material: metal, solid wood spruce.clock dimensions: 30″D x 1″H box size: 31″L x 31″W x 2″T clock weight: 14.1 lbs.

Product Features

  • Rustic metal frame; Natural solid wood spruce – Due to crafted nature of this product, actual color may vary slightly due to natural wood grain variations : no two clocks will be identical. This clock is also perfect for DIYers or hobbyist : the wood can be disassembled to re-sand and re-stained to your preference color!
  • due to large clock size 30″ with larger hands, we cannot use 100% noiseless move, but it’s whisper quiet ticking – hardly hear any ticking noise from about 6ft at night
  • AA battery required (not included)
  • High quality quartz movement –> Lifetime Warranty
  • Clock diameter: 30-inches (76cm) x 1-inch thick

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2 thoughts on “OLDTOWN Farmhouse Metal & Solid Wood Whisper Quiet Ticking Wall Clock (Wood, 30-inch)

  1. Excellent Statement Piece This clock is perfectly described by the seller. I bought the 24 inch version to go above my mini bar and it is a statement piece. The price seems a little steep until you get you hands on it to see the craftsmen ship. The 24 inch version has a little darker wood color which I was going for. Don’t pay no mind to the mess in the pictures as I was just moving in and had to hang the clock ASAP.Clock makes no noise and it’s keeping accurate time. Clock isn’t that heavy so I even did the…

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