6 by 6 inch Pewter Table Clock, Aqua

This clock is perfect for anyone who loves french style. Featuring prominent french styled detailing, as well as the word Paris printed on the clock face, this is for any Francophile. The piece has been designed to be compact to let it sit nicely on any nightstand or vanity table. The small size also makes it a perfect desk clock.

Product Features

  • Body is made from real pewter.
  • Distressed finish has been added to give the clock a retro look!
  • Easily adjustable via dial style adjustment knob in the back.
  • Easy to remove back plate for acess to adjustment know and battery slot.
  • Runs on single AA battery.

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3 thoughts on “6 by 6 inch Pewter Table Clock, Aqua

  1. perfect! Fears: color would be too bright, $40 ($30 + $10s&h) was high, too wide for window ledge, 6″ wide/high too big to come off as subtle, appearance would be cheap.Rewards: color is attractive/ muted, $40 feels OK for how much I like product, narrow enough for window ledge, shape is right sized for whole-room viewing but still not major attention-grabber, appearance is VERY nice from ALL angles (inc. side & rear).I’m so glad I took the risk; it’s just what I was looking…

  2. sweet clock Lovely, unique clock, runs like a champ. Fits perfectly, as I had hoped, in the corner ledge of our built-in bathtub. I would describe the color as more of a darker aqua than the photo represents. The front of the clock is painted metal, distressed to reveal a gold color. The back of the clock is fitted with a large, plastic piece, painted in the same aqua color and cut out in a scrollwork design. The piece detaches easily for access to the time and alarm controls. Ticking is evident if I…

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