Bluntly Wood Wall Clock – Modern Grandfather Pendulum

SPECIFICATIONSâ�‚ Marine Plywood 0.2″- 5 mm Varnished or Natural â�‚ My clock mechanisms are EZ Quartz® Sweep (Non Ticking – Silent) and RoHS Approved! â�‚ Requires 1 AA battery (not included)

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3 thoughts on “Bluntly Wood Wall Clock – Modern Grandfather Pendulum

  1. Chic, modern, quiet, narrow wall clock This is a wonderful clock. I love the use of negative space in the design and how the frame sits an inch and a half or so off of the wall. It looks good from any angle. I like being able to customize the “frame” color and hands color. It’s 100% noiseless. The pendulum broke in shipment and the clock mechanism didn’t work either. The seller was eager to help and after some troubleshooting suggestions, I was sent a new pendulum and mechanism. Shipping takes a little long, but it is work…

  2. Five Stars For $51, I didn’t expect something absolutely amazing, but I did expect something decent. This is literally trash. The face of the clock is ¼” plywood only; nothing else. I knew it was going to be unfinished, and thats what I wanted. The look of the wood wasn’t the problem. It was a cheap clock mechanism glued to the back of a silly looking cutout. The cutout is a simple rough jigsaw-type cut. It looks like a 7th grade woodworking project (which is a lovely thing when your 7th grader presents…

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