Glomarts Round Wooden Silent Desk Alarm Clock with Nightlight

This Popular round wood clock is made of genuine beech, The Wood Grain will be different for each one because of the wood texture, It is normal to get one whose color is a bit darker or lighter than the photo you had seen in the photo. Put it on the table or your bedside, Your guests will admire its simple yet attractive design. This beautiful wooden clock will add a touch of contemporary rustic charm to any room. Its minimalistic form and function is simplicity at its best and compliments virtually any decor.

How to Set the alarm

Have a look at the back of the clock, You can see 3 button. One is Alarm button, One is Alarm setting button, One is Time Setting Button.Firstly Move the Alarm Button to OFF. Seconly adjust the Time button towarding arrow direction to the time you want it to alarm, Then Rotate the Alarm setting button Towards Arrow direction to the place where the Hour needle is(the alarm needle coincide with the Hour needle), Then you can hear a “di” sound. Then Adjust The time button to the current time. Insert the battery, Move the Alarm button to ON, That is OK.


The ring is on gradually.
Produced with natural material bringing you a healthy and fashionable low-carbon life, and number dispaly is available at dark night.
SIZE: 100*143*47mm, Weight: 500g
Power Supply: 1 AA batteries

Product Features

  • Silent, no ticking to ensure a good sleep and best working environment.(This clock have nightlight Function)
  • Classic Alarm Wooden Clock for office & bedroom, perfect as a special present
  • Produced with natural material bringing you a healthy and fashionable low-carbon life, and number dispaly is available at dark night.
  • The wood alarm clock is made of wood, Wood grain will be different, dark or light because of the texture.
  • Power Supply: AA dry batteries,

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3 thoughts on “Glomarts Round Wooden Silent Desk Alarm Clock with Nightlight

  1. Great clock – great customer service I originally ordered this clock in December of 2016 – and I LOVED it. It’s perfect bedside-size, totally silent, and the small light is perfect for when you wake up in the middle of the night and want to see the time without having to look at lit-up numbers all night. The wood exterior is beautiful. I was an all-around happy customer.Then, in November of 2017, the clock stopped keeping time. I changed the batteries… twice. I still couldn’t get it to keep time. I reached out to the…

  2. We keep buying these We have 4 of these clocks, purchased over the course of 2 years, so we definitely like them.I have 4 basic requirements for an alarm clock for the home:- silent (no ticking)- easy to read (don’t need to put on glasses)- no light until you need it (clocks with bright dials or numbers keep me awake)- alarm is easy to set and to stop and wakes me upThis clock does all those things and looks nice to boot, which no LED electronic clock has ever done…

  3. Silent and Handsome I am a therapist and I have worked hard to create a pleasant atmosphere in my offices. This clock is perfect in that it is absolutely silent and keeps time well. I’ve purchased four of these in therapy offices.I see some have had trouble with the hands coming displaced from the drive gears. I’ve had this problem too, but only when I’ve dropped the clock off the table. I am no handyman to be sure, but I was able to remove 5 screws, press the hands back into place on the gears, and…

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