36″ Galvanized Metal and Wood Windmill Clock

Inspired by a country classic, this rustic Galvanized Metal and Wood Windmill Wall Clock will fit perfectly in any farmhouse décor.

Measuring at 36 inches, this creatively crafted wall clock is not only an exciting time keeper, but a modern statement piece.

Each hour features a dimensional windmill blade adding depth to your wall space.

Constructed of metal, it can be hung securely on any wall surface with metal hangers on the back and requires 1 AA battery.

Wrought iron and intricate rustic details add a touch of farmhouse charm to your space.

Product Features

  • This oversized wall clock is inspired by a farmhouse windmill and features dimensional blades and rustic accents
  • Round wall clock is constructed of metal that features a distressed weathered finished for a vintage feel
  • Each hour features a crafted metal windmill blade with embossed numbers
  • Hangs securely on any wall with metal hangers on the back
  • Requires 1 AA battery

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3 thoughts on “36″ Galvanized Metal and Wood Windmill Clock

  1. I really wanted it to work. Decent price for a cute rustic 36″ wall clock. I have the perfect large wall for it – BUT IT DOESN’T WORK…and the center “X” is supposed to be placed between the 10-11 and 1-2. Besides it not keeping time…I was looking at it and thinking…why do those center bars look off…and I realized it’s supposed to be a center “X”….and this clock’s center “X” is placed between the 11-12 and the 2-3 hands – so the “X” is off center and looks odd. Never fun to send…

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