Marathon Slim Atomic Wall Clock with Jumbo Display, Calendar, Indoor Temperature & Humidity – Batteries Included – CL030062GA (Grey Ash Finish)

Marathon’s Slim-Jumbo Digital Wall Clock with Temperature & Humidity is our thinnest model. The sleekness of this clock will suit modern and contemporary interiors. Although it is wall mountable, it also features a fold out table stand. The large, wide-angle, easy to read display has a high contrast ratio, making it extremely legible. You can easily switch between 4 time zones (Pacific, Mountain, Central & Eastern), and select Fahrenheit or Centigrade for the indoor temperature display. Along with the time, day, date and indoor temperature, this clock also displays indoor humidity. The CL030062 Slim-Jumbo Wall Clock with Temperature & Humidity makes an excellent wall or desk clock and with an alarm and snooze function, it is also great as bedside alarm clock. Don’t miss out on this clock! Perfect for the office, home, school, gymnasiums, library, living room and more! A great gift giving item!

Product Features

  • SLIM JUMBO DISPLAY – Only 1-inch thick, featuring 4.5-inch digits for easy viewing
  • SELF-SETTING/ADJUSTING – Using radio frequencies broadcast from NIST’s Colorado Atomic Clock. Automatic Atomic Signal – It cannot be turned on/off manually. (Atomic feature only functions in North America)
  • MULTIPLE DISPLAY MODES – 12 or 24 Hour Display Formats With Temperature Display In Celsius or Fahrenheit.
  • EASY TO SET AND USE: Comes equipped with front set buttons for Alarm, Snooze and Mode Options
  • MULTIPLE TIME ZONES: You can easily switch between 4 time zones (Eastern, Pacific, Mountain & Central) with option to turn on or off Daylight Savings Time

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3 thoughts on “Marathon Slim Atomic Wall Clock with Jumbo Display, Calendar, Indoor Temperature & Humidity – Batteries Included – CL030062GA (Grey Ash Finish)

  1. Seller Doesn’t Care I purchased this clock in the hopes it will be as good as it is described. I received it and was looking forward to having finally something nice and informative to tell me the time etc.Well setting it up wasn’t too bad and reasonably straight froward, and all worked as expected. I had set the time to this year 2018 and turned off the auto atomic clock function as didn’t need it on.A couple of months passed by and I found one morning my time was out by many hrs and on…

  2. Seller is Non-responsive Hello,I received my clock on March 27th, 2018 and really just loved it; however, just after two weeks the date/time and humidity partially show up and sometimes doesn’t show up at all. I have tried turning it off and then back on. I’ve done this a few times, keeping it off for long periods of time, and it just won’t go back to normal. My 1 star review is due to the fact that I sent the manufacturer’s a message on April 14th, 2018 trying to see if I could get a new one or fix it myself in…

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