Infinity Instruments Rustic Outdoor 16″ Wall Clock

Infinity Instruments Silo indoor/outdoor wall clock with hygrometer and thermometer is a rustic aluminum designed wall clock that has that strong outdoor feel.

Product Features

  • 16″ Outdoor Wall Clock; 2″ Deep
  • Thermometer and Hygrometer (Humidity) Gauges
  • Worn Aluminum Finish
  • One AA Battery Required (Not Included) Quartz movement
  • One Year Limited Manufacturer’s Warranty

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3 thoughts on “Infinity Instruments Rustic Outdoor 16″ Wall Clock

  1. Clock looked used and had a dead battery in it upon arrival I received this clock in a partially torn, crushed box. When I removed it from the box, I noticed light brown spots all over the face of the clock. The spots weren’t on the glass/plastic cover of the clock, but of the white face itself, like someone splashed dirty water on it. They were faint, but definately took away from the looks of the clock. Then, when I went to put a battery in it, there was already one in there, which was dead of course. So I can only assume that this item was used,…

  2. I am behind on my house decor and I was looking forward to getting this hung up. I don’t have a great place to mount this outdoors, and being that this is an indoor/outdoor clock, I put it inside near my front door. Perfect for this busy mom who is always watching the clock (making sure we keep track of time for school, work, dinner, etc).This is a nice looking clock, with a large border and big in size. It tells the time, with two smaller readouts for temperature and…

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